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being picked by the team

Posted on June 22, 2018 at 4:50 PM
Yesterday, there was a big television event which had millions of people watching to see what would happen. It was the NBA draft. Everyone had an agent that was setting up appointments to meet with teams and show how much they deserved to be picked. The teams looked at the different players seasons, their workouts, interviews, and the teams personal needs, to decide who is the best person to pick for their team. There were many times on television leading up to the draft, where everyone was debating who should or would be the number 1 pick. As history has shown, the one who is picked number 1 is not always the best player, nor has the greatest impact to the national basketball association throughout their careers. Yet, the author cannot remember a time that the GM's would go out and try and find the puniest, most unathletic person to be the star of their team. Obviously, you may be thinking, since their job is to do whatever is necessary for their team to be successful and win the championship. As great as a championship is, it only lasts for one season and the promises of salvation never end, they can only be forfeited by the one who was lucky enough to be picked to be on the everlasting life team. How were they chosen, did they try out for God or have some special skill that God wanted? the answer is no. Jesus died for the whole world, which none of the people could have been picked because of talent or being good. Honestly, were are all( because of sin) the puniest, most unathletic and unworthy people, yet Jesus literally left heaven and made it possible for all to be part of his team by faith. Simply, believing in the Lord Jesus Christ and accepting his invitation to be on his team with all the benefits on earth as well as in heaven.

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